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DSNG's y FlyAway
As TV stations and producers need direct contact with those places across the globe with the most relevant information, TSA provides support to these broadcasters with DSNG units (transportable stations) and Flyaway stations.
The daily management of DSNGs, satellite segment and broadcast windows for TV chains, producers and corporations.
Exclusive live feed and DSNG operations for news bulletins and magazines, in Spain or internationally, for all manner of customers.
27 DSNGs (redundant) and 2 Flyaways, equipped with live feed resources (ENGs, XDCAM and P2 in SD/HD) and an immediate response capacity.
Preferential agreements with different operators with satellite capacity, contributing to greater competitiveness, availability and flexibility for occasional use.
Booking service.
We are an exclusive supplier for TV channels in Spain.
DSNG's y FlyAway
DSNGs and Flyaway